Keep your battery running smoothly

Sulfation is a common occurrence in batteries that are out of use for long periods of time, and is one of the most common reasons for battery failure. Due to this, it’s extremely important to make sure that you protect the life of your battery, especially if you know that it will be inactive for a while. When sulphuric acid breaks down, sulfation occurs, and this causes lead sulphur crystals to coat the plates inside the acid battery. Once this happens, it interferes with the battery’s ability to convert energy to electricity, weakening the electrolyte solution. This process can happen is as little as six months. A battery that is too sulfated is rendered useless, which means a completely new battery will need to be installed.

Battery conditioners are devices that maintain, charge and prevent sulfation in lead batteries. They work in three ways to eradicate the issues associated with inactive batteries. Firstly, they recondition batteries by sending electronic pulses to break down any lead sulphuric crystals that may have formed. Secondly, they charge batteries automatically when they recognise that the power has fallen below a certain level. And finally, conditioners also monitor the condition of the battery, preventing future overcharging and sulfation.

Conditioners are ideal if you know that your batteries spend a lot of time out of use, and they can be connected to keep the battery fully charged until you intend to use your vehicle once more. We use the latest technology to keep your vehicle and its components running at their optimum performance to save you money, saving fuel and minimising the risk of damage.

No longer do you have to worry about returning to your vehicle after a holiday or business trip only to find that the battery is flat or damaged. With our conditioners and car storage solutions, you can be confident that your car will start regardless of how long you’ve left it. They’re an ideal investment for anyone wishing to safeguard their vehicle. For more information on our car storage and other services, please contact our team and we’ll be pleased to help.