Keep your car clean and save yourself some money

car coversWe are a transportation and storage business specialising in classic and vintage cars. It goes without saying that you must be far more careful with vehicles like these than with modern models. You will find that it is worth the investment to get some extra protection as well. This comes in the form of our car covers. Here, you can find ones suitable for various situations.

We all become attached to our personal goods. It is simply human nature. No matter what it is that adds value to our lives, we do everything we can to defend them. The car is one of the most expensive and practical objects you can own, so most people prize them. Keeping yours in excellent condition allows you to keep expensive repairs and maintenance to a minimum. There are plenty of other pros to using a cover that you might not know about too.

Debris and salt

The covers help to keep your vehicle clean. You could live somewhere that has changing seasons. If this is the case, your car is going to encounter a sufficient amount of debris and salt during the year. The cover will prevent this from coming into contact with the bodywork. As a result it can stop particles from etching the paint and reaching things like door handles. Over time, this lowers wear and rust.

Covers mean fewer washes

Something else to note is that the majority of people choose to wash their car by hand to save money. This is hard to do in winter though and time consuming. Car washes can seem attractive. However, they are expensive and the costs can add up as the months go by. There is also a chance they could scratch the paint. Covers can work to keep your car clean. Therefore you will save money on those car washes.

Come to us for car covers that fit perfectly

At Rudler Car Transportation & Storage, we have many years of experience working with car covers. Therefore, it is easy for us to recommend the right solutions to our clients. We even offer bespoke ones for classic cars that are very unique shapes. A standard model may not be good enough here.

If you are looking to use a cover yourself, please let us know. We can arrange quick delivery if you place an order so you can start protecting your car as soon as possible.