Keep your car running smoothly with our cold weather storage

As the last few months of the year are approaching, now is the ideal time to think about the storage of your classic car over the winter period. Improper storage can do a classic car more harm than running it on the rough winter roads. It is essential that your beloved vintage vehicle is not only secure, but also stored in facilities which are structured to offer the right conditions.

Properly storing your car for the winter involves much more than just putting it in an enclosed space and forgetting about it. When placed in inadequate storage spaces, cars can suffer deterioration, meaning that come springtime they will present owners with frustrating problems and expense.

Even the most simple machinery items function better when regularly used, and the same principle applies to vehicles. Poor quality storage can lead to corrosion, perished rubber and leather, problematic brakes and clutches, issues with tyres and much more.

Ideally, cars should be started at least once a month as this brings the engine to full operating temperature. Alternatively, the engine should be turned over on occasion to prevent the compressed valve springs from becoming permanently shortened as well as moving the oil around the gearbox and the engine.

We offer premier car transportation and storage services, and our customers can be assured of the quality of our purpose built facilities. Situated on our family site in the rural area of Wiltshire we are perfectly located for easy access wherever you are. As our customers have varying needs, we make a range of storage packages available. Whatever your requirements and budget there is sure to be an option to suit your requirements.

With CCTV systems, electronic access control and state of the art alarms, your car could not be in a safer place when stored with us. We operate a fully equipped on site workshop and we can carry out valeting and minor maintenance. Our packages range from standard dehumidified which is suitable for any car. The prestige option offers the same insulated environment along with a monthly check of your vehicle and a run of the engine to keep it warm and in optimal condition. If you want your car to have extra special treatment you can opt for our air chamber packages that include storage in a filtered environment and an air change every 20 minutes.