Keep your car safe by covering it the right way

Regardless of whether you are storing your car inside or out, keeping it protected is a focus. Car covers can help with this, especially if you choose high quality ones such as what we can provide you with.

The Right Fit

Many people experience the worry of how you can know if what you’ve bought will fit. You don’t want your car to only have partial coverage otherwise the elements can still get at it. Ensuring a secure fit may be easier than you think.

With a wide range of sizing options there is no need to be concerned. We even have a tailored option for vehicles with an unusual shape. In addition to our dedication to helping premier cars stay in great shape, you’ll receive amazing care. All you have to do is send us details of your car and the size.


With our love of cars and experience handling various models, our advice is something you might want to listen to. We can help you decide on the best option to keep your car as safe as possible. This will depend on whether you keep your car inside or outside, and the general environment of where you live.

If you do choose a car cover, it will be one made from quality materials with care.

You get to pick from:

– Soft Indoor
– Supertex Indoor
– Custom Indoor
– Moltex-5 Outdoor

By working with us, you will be able to increase the life of your vehicle as well as ensuring it will continue looking stunning. Car covers can help protect your vehicle from moisture build up, rain, UV rays, scratches and more. You then get to avoid the time, money and stress that come with repairs.

You can always depend on us for comprehensive car solutions. We understand the value vehicles can have and at Rudler Car Transportation & Storage we want to ensure they’re protected. Whether you’re looking at our car covers, battery conditioners or more, you can count on us.

Contact us today for more information. We are confident we can provide a service for any need, catering for year-round storage needs.