Keeping your car functioning when it’s in storage

Car storageOur name may have given it away, but we are a company that works in car storage. We don’t simply offer one solution however. There are actually a multitude of options available to satisfy any needs. The team gives each vehicle their personal attention at all times. It is their job to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

There is something that happens to too many car owners too frequently. You leave your car in storage for an extensive amount of time. This could be because you are moving and can’t take it straight away. Alternatively, you might simply be going on a long holiday. When you return, you may discover that the vehicle needs servicing so it can function correctly again. By taking the right steps, you can avoid this issue. You can use the tips below to help you with this.

Raise it

To begin with, remember to jack up the car. Vehicles that remain stationary for a long time develop tyre problems. Specifically, you are likely to find flat spots. To prevent this, you should use four jacks or blocks to raise it. This way, the car won’t be resting on its wheels. You can leave sports cars with low profile tyres without any supports for as long as two months. Afterwards, they will start to suffer some tyre damage.

Inflating tyres

While we are speaking about tyres, make sure you properly inflate them as well. Examine the pressure and see to it that they are not at the wrong level. Appropriate inflation can stop cracking in the sidewalls and any flat spots that may develop. Inspect the valves as well as the valve caps. In addition, keep your eyes out for leaks and see to it that the caps fit.

Speak to us about car storage

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, our facility has the capacity to hold more than 150 vehicles. We can even use air chambers to give them extra protection against moisture, dust and dirt. Moreover, there is a workshop we use for valet and small maintenance jobs.

If you require our car storage services yourself, you are welcome to contact us. We will help you to choose the perfect solution.