Keeping your prestigious vehicle in pristine condition

If you own a prestigious or classic vehicle, you will understand the importance of keeping it in the best condition possible while you’re not driving it. Incorrect storage can have a major impact on your vehicle, affecting both the aesthetics and the function. Any deterioration can affect the financial value of your vehicle significantly. With our air chambers, however, you can store your vehicle in an environment that is very carefully controlled, ensuring that it stays in top condition for as long as you need.

When it comes to storing a classic car, sports car, or any other prestigious vehicle requiring specialist care, our air chambers offer one of the most advanced environments available. Whether used for long or short term storage, they provide a completely neutral and controlled setting. The threat of rapid temperature change is removed, preventing condensation, and static trap filtration systems remove abrasive particulate matter from the atmosphere. Our energy efficient fans can produce up to 50,000 litres of clean air an hour, preventing condensation and rust and keeping the vehicle dry and safe.

If you decide to go for our standard service, we will keep your car in our own dehumidified store in Wiltshire, built solely for the purpose of storing prestigious vehicles with a complete air change every twenty minutes. Our prestige service, meanwhile, includes monthly checks of important factors such as fluid levels and tyre pressures and regular engine runs with the use of Airflow battery managers.

We can even deliver our air chambers to you for your own use, if required. They only need to be assembled once as they are fully portable and accessible, so minor maintenance can be carried out while the car is inside the chamber. The energy efficient fans keep running costs low at under £10 per annum. The material is UV protective, anti-static and resistant to both flames and low temperatures. From fire and static electricity to sunlight and cold weather, your car will be fully defended from all potential hazards.

We are located in Wiltshire, close to the M4, easily accessed by rail and relatively close to major airports including Heathrow and Gatwick. This convenient spot makes us ideal for global customers who want to store their cars. Our entire site is covered with CCTV surveillance, with electronic coded entry and alarm systems connected to a central monitoring station for complete and total security. As we live on site, you can be assured that we take security very seriously.