Keeping your vintage car safe and in great condition

Our team has spent years satisfying customers with some of the highest quality car storage solutions. Based in Wiltshire, our state of the art facilities include excellent security and a large amount of space. In fact, at any one time, we can store more than 150 cars.

Every classic car owner puts their car into storage at one point or another. The question is how to go about it while keeping the vehicle in good condition and safe. To help, we are going to go over some of the more important things to do. With our knowledge, you will have no trouble confidently storing your property.


Car storageSomething you don’t want to avoid doing is valeting the car both inside and out. See to it that your vintage investment is entirely dry. Do this prior to putting any variety of cover over it. Double and triple check the carpets to ensure they are not wet too. Taking some additional time to do this shall help you prevent rust build up from grime or dirt.

Have a look for rubbish in the seat, glove, and door pockets, and under the seats. There may be plenty of hidden items inside your vintage car. Some of it might end up being edible or perishable. These things can rot and attract some rather undesirable attention from pests. When you first think about your routine for storage, it can seem obvious. However, it is surprising what people can find when they really look. Don’t forget about the spare wheel compartments, or the boot and under the bonnet.

Have the bonnet facing out

You will also want to park up with the bonnet facing out. Most classical designs have their batteries at the front. Not all of them will though. Even if they don’t, there could be points beneath the bonnet that permit you to link to the battery. It is considerably easier to tow, jump-start, or revive a vintage vehicle if you can access it easily.

Check it often

One last suggestion we have would be to check your motor regularly. At minimum, it should be every 30 days. Checking the car monthly is preferable but not crucial for shorter periods. During your inspection, have a look at the battery conditioner if you are using one. See whether the car is in generally god condition. Look under the bonnet, in the boot, and other areas. Ensure that the tyres have not deflated as well.

We are happy to offer reliable car storage

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we have multiple solutions available. Moreover, our facilities come with an on-site workshop for valeting and maintenance. Since we reside on site ourselves, we can also take your car at any reasonable hour.

If you are thinking of using our car storage services, please get in touch with us. We can arrange everything for you and also have the ability to come collect your vehicle if you need us to.