Looking after your car battery during lockdown

We have been helping our clients with the storage and transportation of their motors for years. In addition, we offer several important items to aid them in protecting their cars. This includes some of the best battery conditioners on the market. These little devices will preserve the charge, meaning the batteries will not drain completely.

Battery conditionersWe have already had several lockdowns since the pandemic began. During those times, countless cars were left sitting idle. Whenever a motor does not see much use, the battery can lose its charge. The result can be you not being able to start your car when you need to use it next.

According to research by the RAC, one in ten people stopped using their cars entirely during lockdown. This led to a big increase in the number of flat battery breakdowns. Due to this fact, you need to know how to properly care for your vehicle if you won’t be driving it for a period of time. To help, we are going to share some of our best advice with you.

Check the PHEV and EV

One thing you definitely need to do is check the plugin hybrid (PHEV) and electric vehicle (EV) manuals. PHEVs and EVs depend on batteries, which are able to drain when you don’t use your car. Depending on the manufacturer of your car, advice is going to vary. It could however include placing your EV into ‘ready mode’ for a while every few weeks in order to charge your battery. Something vital to note is that it is not wise to leave the main high voltage battery on charge. Usually, the suggestion is to maintain them at around 50% charge.

Use a battery conditioner

Next, you will definitely want to consider using battery conditioners. These are outstanding tools for preserving the battery for a long time when you don’t use your car. What’s more, they are famous for addressing things that drain batteries. Examples include dash cams and immobilisers.

The right replacement

Our next piece of advice is to ensure that a new battery meets your car’s specifications if you need a replacement. You should avoid this if you use a conditioner. But, if you have a dead battery, it is important that the new one will meet your specifications. It must have sufficient power to start the car.

There are two reasons why you need to be careful here. For one thing, manufacturers do test new batteries. Yet, they don’t consider factors that could drain them. Also, new batteries are typically only half charged when you purchase them. Starting your car may prove difficult with this. Therefore, doing your research is essential.

We have several battery conditioners available

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we supply multiple types of conditioners. This includes the CTEK XS 0.8, MXS 5.0, and MXS 3.8. These three models will meet your requirements in most cases. We can even suggest the right one to suit the make and model of your vehicle.

So, please contact us if you would like to start using our battery conditioners. They are great to have for any time you won’t be driving for a while.