Maintaining batteries when vehicles are in storage

One of the biggest worries people have when putting their car in storage is what to do about the battery. If vehicles are left to sit and not driven for long periods of time, the electrical charge will diminish and eventually die altogether. When cars are in storage for months at a time it is not uncommon to see them fail to start up as a result.

The amount of time it takes for the charge in the battery to die will depend on several factors including the type of vehicle, its age and the climate. High end modern vehicles are fitted with a wide range of devices including alarms and controls for the temperature, radio and even seat positions. All of these features drain energy from batteries even when the vehicle is parked and not being driven.

As batteries age they will start to lose their charge faster, particularly if they get recharged frequently. This means that vehicles with an older battery will need to be driven more often to prevent the battery from dying.

The temperature also has an impact on how quickly the charge is lost. When temperatures rise the battery fluid evaporates and can damage the internal structure, causing it to lose power and fail. In the cold the electro-chemical reaction in batteries slows down and generates less energy, making it tougher to power the vehicle.

When you put a vehicle in storage you may need to use a battery conditioner to help maintain the charge. The devices work by pulsing automatically when the voltage of the batteries drops below a set amount, recharging them in the process. This helps to maintain the battery and prevent it from dying for a much longer period of time without having to run the vehicle.

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage we stock a range of fantastic battery conditioners including the market leading Multi XS from CTEK. All of the products we supply have been extensively tested and are proven to help maintain batteries when vehicles are in storage without harmful side effects such as damaging electrical systems or gassing the vehicle.