Maintaining vehicles that are hardly used

Air chambersTo offer our customers the best protection with their cars, we use state of the art air chambers. They create environments that are suitable for both short and long term storage. In addition, they are built in such a way that you can access and remove the vehicle easily when you need it back. These are just examples of the benefits however; the chambers have so much more to give.

Carrying out maintenance is something that goes hand-in-hand with owning a car. However, there are owners who only use their vehicle every so often and store it the rest of the time. You might think that a car such as this would not require that much upkeep. This is not strictly true though. In fact, we have some maintenance advice that you may wish to follow in these circumstances.

Maintaining during storage

It is entirely possible to do maintenance while the car is in storage. Our air chambers support this as well. We have models that have enough space so you can easily walk around the car and access every part of it to do routine upkeep.


A great piece of advice we have for you is to cover your car. Use a top tier cover that fits on your vehicle securely. This will let the air flow properly and keep moisture away. Moreover, you will be able to keep the exterior safe from dirt, scratches, and bumps.

Block openings

Another good idea may be to place steel wool in the exhaust pipe and air cleaner intake. This will prevent small animals from nesting inside the car. As a result it can protect the interior.

The power source

You have to look after the car’s power source as well. Eventually, all batteries lose their charge. This happens if you don’t drive your vehicle every few weeks at minimum. When you correctly prepare for car storage however, there is no need to run it. What you should do is connect the battery to a special conditioner. This shall stop your power source from draining without overcharging it.

Purchasing air chambers

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we use first rate materials in the construction of our air chambers. Said materials are flame resistant, anti-static, and UV protective. Furthermore, they endure temperatures as low as 25°C. The chambers are suitable for use in a huge array of settings and are perfect for long or short term use.

If you would like to order an air chamber, please let us know.