Moving in the rain

Car transportation is a delicate enough procedure as it is. However, things become even more complicated when it involves vintage vehicles. Owners go to great lengths in order to keep them safe. That way they are sure they retain their value. As proud owners ourselves, we understand how much the cars mean to you. Consequently, our company goes the extra mile to ensure that they’re kept secure.

When transporting cars, the one thing you must account for is the weather, especially when it rains. This is never an ideal time to move anything, but it can be unavoidable sometimes. It can affect your whole approach though. You’ll have to take some additional provisions to make certain that everything stays unharmed. The following are tips you can use when moving vehicles on a rainy day.

Cover it all up

Firstly, it may be wise to cover up the vehicle. That way it will remain dry and the metal parts won’t be exposed to moisture and potential damage. You can opt for a car cover or a completely covered transport. The latter will be the most secure.

Drive the shortest distance

Another top tip we have is to cut down on distance as much as possible. Restrict how far you and your moving team have to journey from your present location to your destination. Once you get there, tell the movers to get your car as close as they can. Then, once you’re ready, you can simply unload the vehicle and ensure it remains protected. This will aid you in cutting down the amount of time your vehicle will spend in the rain.

At Rudler Car Transportation & Storage, we have been moving cars nationwide for over three decades. During this period, we’ve visited every part of the country, delivering to various locations and venues. Thus, we know which routes are the best ones to take.

If there are details about car transportation you would like to discuss with us, you’re more than welcome to contact our team. We offer safe, secure services. In addition, we have a reputation for taking care of vehicles as if they were our own.