No garage? Use car covers

Quite often you will see some of the best cars sitting uncovered. This can be compared to just leaving a pile of cash outside for the wind to blow it away. Why? Every time you don’t cover your car, it is exposed the elements of the environment which can cause damage. If you want to protect your investment you should store it indoors or use car covers.

Whether your car is £13,000 or £100,000 will make no difference to Mother Nature. If left exposed all vehicles are vulnerable to wear and damages such as scratches. You should really consider investing in a car cover; the relatively simple method can provide an extra layer of protection between the vehicle’s paintwork and the elements.

Using a car cover can help to protect your investment by decreasing the amount of time it’s exposed to the sun, for example. Car covers are definitely a good idea to use if you don’t have any covered parking, such as garages.

The best covers don’t take any longer than a few minutes to put on. They are made using advanced design software and specially developed materials. As a result they should fit snugly and have a soft inner layer with a tough, waterproof outer layer.

Rudler provide a range of products such as Supertex, custom, soft indoor, and Moltex-5 outdoor covers.

The soft ones are ideal for storing indoors; the poly-cotton material breathes naturally whilst protecting your vehicle from corrosion, scrapes, and dust.

Supertex is made of a fabric that has many advantageous qualities. It is totally dust proof, water resistant and breathable.

Our custom covers are tailored to fit your vehicle. The material used is also breathable, allowing the moisture to evaporate properly.

Moltex-5 is brilliant for protection against extreme outdoor weather. It has five layers of protection, making it totally rain resistant.

Investing in car covers can drastically extend the life span of your vehicle, reducing your costs for repairs. Rudler supply only the best services and products for our clients, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch!