No inside storage? No problem with the Moltex-5 Outdoor Cover

Some people worry that their car storage situation is less than ideal. Often this is because they do not have a suitable indoor space. But with our car covers, you can invest in a product that will help even if you keep the vehicle outside. The products we offer are high quality and really reliable.

Protection From The Elements

When out in the open, your car faces numerous things that can cause issues. Weather conditions like snow, rain and wind are all unavoidable and yet put your car at risk. Because of this you should be looking for a cover with both weatherproof and waterproof qualities. The Moltex-5 does this, with a fleece lining and 5 layers for ultimate protection. Its breathable design prevents the car from sweating and suffering from build ups of moisture.

Before covering your vehicle, be sure to clean the bodywork of any dirt and rust. These can act as an abrasive when you put the cover on, harming the paint. The last thing you want is to take the vehicle out of storage in the future only to find you have some scratches to patch up. In the worst cases you may need to get a full respray.

The Right Type

If you plan on using a cover outdoors, ensure it is one that states that it is suitable for these conditions. If you use something inappropriate the wind can rub it against the paintwork and ruin it. Those for indoor use will be too soft and are also unlikely to be strong enough for the outside. This is the reason we stock a range of types to provide you with something perfect for your situation.

With our help, you can ensure you vehicle has great protection. We also have options perfect for indoor use against dust, dirt and moisture. Car covers are a wise investment for your vehicle so contact Rudler Car Transportation and Storage today. We would be happy to assist you through our various services and options.