Planning ahead for winter car storage

On the site of the Rudler family home in Wiltshire lays our specialised car storage facilities. Storing vintage cars, prestige models and those with great personal value is what we excel at and to make sure that they are as safe as possible, we utilise state of the art alarm systems across the site. These are connected to a central monitoring station and CCTV also makes its presence known throughout the compound.

Winter in particular can be a difficult time, as this is typically when road salts are used in full force. These can easily lead to rusting if you don’t store your vehicle properly, potentially ruining your pride and joy. The best solution is to minimise the amount of time you use your car in this period. Alternatively you can put into storage before the start of the snowy period to keep it protected.

One thing to keep in mind is inadequate storage can actually be as detrimental to your car as the harsh winter. You should ensure the site is enclosed effectively and your vehicle is protected from moisture, dirt and other issues that can cause damage.

Fortunately we provide just that at our facility. We understands how much your vehicle means to you and as such, we go out of our way to make sure that it is protected and stored as securely as possible. Our facilities are purpose built to be fully insulated and dehumidified. Every month we will also give your vehicle a check-up, with fluid levels and tyre pressures being monitored and the car battery connected to a battery manager. This is done to keep it from draining and going flat. Should you request it we can also provide a dust sheet.

We have an excellent reputation when it comes to storing vintage cars as well as prestige models and various others. We take every precaution to ensure that your car returns to you in the same condition it’s in when you bring it to us or we collect it. If you are looking ahead to winter car storage and want to enquire about our services or rates please contact us.