Post-storage maintenance

As our name states, car storage is what we do best. Whether it is classic, vintage vehicles or modern supercars we can provide a suitable service for as long as is necessary. With a selection of storage services and products, we are prepared for any situation. As owners of these fine vehicles ourselves, we understand how much they mean to you, so we will do everything in our power to ensure that they are preserved.

If you are the owner of a vintage or classical vehicle chances are that you know all about the preparation that should be done prior to storage. What some people might not think too much on however is starting the car after it has come out. In order to help you prepare for running your vehicle post-storage, we’ve come up with some tips and advice that may prove useful to you.

After removing your vehicle from storage adjust the tyre pressures and fluid levels. If it has not undergone seasonal running a good idea might be to spin your engine without any fuel. This way, you shall be able to build up oil pressure. This can be accomplished by disconnecting the fuel pump and while you are at it, remove the spark plugs as well. If you neglected to do so before storing your car, you may want to check and clean them.

Once you start and warm everything up, a scent of burning oil may be present in the exhaust if you were somewhat liberal with your protecting oil. This shall go away rather quickly however. If the oil was changed before storage, have a look for leaks around the filter. Make certain that the break peddle is firm too and take a ride, but be cautious at first. Drive for about 30 minutes to an hour, examining all the functions, lamps, and switches.

At Rudler Car Transportation & Storage, our customer base consists of people from across the world, including auction houses, private collectors, car dealers, museums, and even restoration establishments. As members of various car associations, clubs and businesses, we make it a point to deliver a service that not only meets the highest of standards, but also that we do it in an environmentally friendly manner.

If you require car storage that you can rely on, we are the ones to call.