Preparing for storing vehicles in air chambers

Air chambers are fantastic at protecting vehicles when they are put in storage. Fans work to tackle moisture problems, keeping everything nice and dry. They even prevent condensation from occurring. The best ones filter the air several times a day and also keep contaminants out too.

For protection during storage, the one thing that cars cannot go without is a cover of sorts. When left outside during the winter seasons, it can be really difficult to safeguard them. This is particularly true in the damp, humid and colder climates. Humidity and temperature shifts for example can result in condensation, and wind is the catalyst for rubbing trouble.

In situations such as those, storing your car in an interior complex with an air chamber is a better option if you want to preserve it.

Using air chambers may be a prime solution, but an ample amount of preparation is required before you leave your car alone. To begin with, you should examine the fluid levels, especially your hydraulic liquids, as these must be changed periodically. If you’ve not attended to the hydraulics in some time and your vehicle is going into storage, they should be checked over.

Something else to do now if it hasn’t already been done is to polish all the chrome and paintwork. In addition, ensure that all rubber parts are adequately protected. They can deteriorate with age so a little extra protection will be invaluable. Vacuuming and cleaning the inside is also a good idea, and if you find that your carpets are wet whilst hoovering, remove them and allow them to dry out for a bit.

At Rudler Car Transportation & Storage the Cair-o-port is the primary air chamber that we employ to protect vintage cars. Simple to work with in terms of both setting up and car access, they are a very practical option. There are plenty of other models available though.

If you would like more details on our merchandise, we would be happy to offer assistance.