Preparing your car after prolonged winter storage

Spring will soon be upon us, and classic car owners will be preparing to reunite with their beloved vintage automobiles. As the weather begins to get a little milder, the urge to get back out on the road becomes overwhelming. If you are about to take your classic car out of winter storage, we have put together a few helpful tips to get it ready for the road again.

The first thing to do is check the battery. Look at the maintainer to see if it is fully charged; if not, it needs to be charged before the engine is started. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to crank a cold engine with a weak battery. Additionally, when you connect the battery, check the terminals and cables for any signs of corrosion and clean them up if necessary.

The next thing to do is check the engine oil and add any that may be needed until your get the chance to change it. Even if you changed the oil before you put the car in storage, the oil is now considered old and should be replaced at the earliest opportunity. This is the best thing you can do for the health of your engine.

Check the tyre pressure and look for any signs of bulging or cracks in the rubber. Also, take a look under the car and in the engine bay for signs of fluid leaks. Look for deterioration and cracks in the hoses and electrical wires and ensure the clamps in the fuel system are tight enough.

Check your brakes for adequate pad and rotor material. Inspect the exhaust and remember to remove the item you placed in there to keep out rodents. Check the suspension components and pull on the control arms to check for excessive play.

When you do start the car again, you can expect the engine to run roughly at first as the fuel needs a little time to fully circulate. These checks are important when it comes to safety and the performance of your vehicle. They can be completed quickly and easily and they will ensure your car is ready to be fired up again after a few months spent in storage.

As providers of car storage, we know the importance of keeping vehicles in excellent condition and will take steps to keep your car at its best the whole time it is in our care, using battery conditioners and covers to make sure your vehicle stays in top condition.