Preparing your car for long-term storage

Rudler Car Transportation & Storage specialise in looking after your vehicles. Whether they’re vintage, classic, sporty or just sentimental, we can help. When considering long-term car storage, there are steps you need to take to keep a vehicle in good condition. You can rely on us to do that, ensuring it is secure and safe.

Why Do I Need To Prepare My Car?

You may be under the impression that if you are going to store your car long-term, it will be fine as no-one will be using it. When a machine as complicated as a vehicle is sat stationary for a long period, many issues can develop. While we can keep your car secure, it’s important to take precautions so it is still in good condition when it comes out of storage.

What Steps You Should Take

Even small amounts of dirt and grime can damage the paintwork. Thoroughly clean your car, including the wheels to remove mud, grease or tar. This includes the interior too. If you would like you could also add a coat of wax for extra protection. Be sure it is completely dry.

Change the fluids. When a car uses oil, small contaminants build up in the system. While these do not cause damage when using your vehicle every day, storing your car for a long period can result in engine damage. Replace the oil if you plan on storing your car for more than a few weeks.

This may sound odd, but you should fill up your fuel tank. While you won’t need to use any, this prevents moisture building up in the tank. In addition it stops the seals drying up. You should also disconnect the battery and inflate all the tyres. This prevents flat spots occurring.

Our car storage service is designed to be high quality. Contact Rudler Transportation & Storage today for more information. You can rely on us to protect your vehicle from the environment and thieves with our facility.