Preventing cars from overheating

Car storageRudler strives to offer everyone the finest car storage services we possibly can. To satisfy every need, we have several solutions to choose from. In addition, our facility is capable of holding more than 150 cars at once. This means plenty of space to accommodate everything. We also give our personal attention to your vehicle at all times to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

While it may not feel like it, summer is just around the corner. As with every other season, it has its own unique challenges to overcome. This is even true for all you classic car owners. One of the largest issues on those hot days however is overheating. You need to work hard to stop the vehicle from heating up too much, especially when it is in storage.


It is likely that your vintage car was built before the days of extreme weather testing and electric fans. In some cases, there may have even been a lack of traffic jams during that age. This makes classic cars more vulnerable to overheating. The question here becomes how you can keep everything cool.

Frequent checks

car checksThere are actually many ways to do this. However, the most important is to carry out frequent checks. Vigilance is critical here. You will have to examine the fans, belts, radiators, hoses, and more. Doing so could save you hundreds of pounds.

Your best friend here could be the temperature gauge. What this does is inform you whether your old engine is hotter than it normally is whilst working. The key here is not ignoring the tell-tale cues given by the gauge.

Engines were built to work hot for optimum efficiency. Yet, this is not to the point where they overheat and damage components via coolant loss or overpressure. As a result, you should get into the habit of making necessary checks.

Choose car storage with us

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we provide your vehicles with a monthly check while they are with us. We will look at things like tyre pressures and fluid levels to ensure that everything is fine. Our facility is temperature controlled and you can even choose air chambers where you have even more control over the temperature.

For the best car storage service in the country, please speak to us. We can arrange a service to suit your needs for any duration. We can even arrange to collect your car and bring it here safely using our dedicated transports.