Preventing corrosion from taking hold with air chambers

Over thirty years ago we began our business by doing small deliveries. In time we grew into a sizable operation that specialises in car transportation and storage. The reason we have enjoyed such growth is we always focus on protecting the vehicles put in our care. To help with this when we store a vehicle we make use of dedicated air chambers. These safeguard them against moisture and corrosion.

Unless you happen to be storing your car in some form of controlled environment, moisture could very well attack the exposed metal components. Nothing poses a larger threat to vehicles than corrosion, particularly with older vehicles made from lower quality steel. It is for this reason and many others why every serious classical collectors should invest in air chambers or call on a company that uses them in their storage services.

These systems function by circulating roughly 50,000 litres of air per hour around the enclosed area. At the same time, electrostatic filters trap even the smallest of particles that make their home in the air. In states such as these, any rain soaked motor will dry at a rapid pace. The evaporated moisture within is then permitted to escape with the airflow, making their way through the closed zips and vents.

The environment, after it has been replenished by fresh and filtered air from the fans, will always remain in stable condition. Due to quick changes in temperature being prevented, condensation will fast become a thing of the past. With a near moisture-free airspace there is very low risk of corrosion occurring. This aids in preserving the steel components and bodywork.

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage we have a series of air chambers available at excellent rates. Simple to erect and quite economical to run, you can’t go wrong with one of these constructs when you store a vehicle at home or with us.

You can find out more about the various models we offer on our website. If you would like our recommendations of which is best to match your needs simply contact us.