Properly using car covers in a garage

car coversAs vehicle specialists, we know what goes into looking after a vintage or classic car. Proper storage is a great first step. For further protection however, you should use car covers. There is no one size fits all option here though. Instead, you need to find a product to suit the specific situation. That includes the size and shape of the vehicle as well as the setting where you will store it. Luckily, Rudler offers a great selection.

The majority of car enthusiasts are lucky if they can store their car in a private garage. It can protect the vehicle from falling debris, leaves, seeds, and birds. Knowing this, many people ask if they even need a car cover if the garage is already there. It will certainly help. However, there are certain details you need to think about prior to purchasing your cover.

Outdoor and indoor differences

Firstly, you need to understand the differences that separate outdoor and indoor car covers. Indoor versions usually feature soft materials. They tend to be light and easier to use. They are also usually softer than their exterior counterparts. Moreover, the materials should enable the vehicle to breathe to help to stop heat and condensation.

As for outdoor car covers, they tend to be heavier materials so they are sturdier. Their abilities include UV protection and water resistance. It is not impossible to use outdoor covers in a garage, but they may not offer the gentle touch of indoor covers.

Why buy one?

You also need to think about your reasons for purchasing the car covers. Even if a car is in a garage, there are still things that can affect it. Pollen and dust are good examples. These two are old enemies of cars. Both can accumulate with ease. The longer they stick around, the more damage they can do to your paint. The autumn season is particularly bad for dirt and dust.


Something else you need to think about is your pets. While they can be the joy of the household, they might like spending time in the garage. That means there is a risk they could climb on your car and damage it. The ideal way to deal with these unnecessary scratches is to buy a car cover.

Take a look at our car covers

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, our experience makes it easy for us to recommend the perfect covers for clients. We have ones for indoor and outdoor spaces. Furthermore, we can provide you with custom products should you need them. They are the best choice if you have a very rare vintage car with an unusual shape.

So, if you are shopping for car covers, you are welcome to call us for help. We can suggest the right cover for your needs.