Protecting classic vehicles from rust

Classic vehicles and motorcycles have great value, both intrinsically and monetarily. Owning one is a great privilege, but it does involve care and maintenance. The biggest threat to the condition of the vehicles is not the usual wear and tear you would expect; instead, the one major issue you need to think about is rust and how you can protect the vehicle from it.

Modern vehicles are designed to cope with all kinds of weather conditions. They are painted and sealed carefully during the manufacturing process to ensure that all nooks and crannies are accounted for. Classic cars tend to be more vulnerable to rusting, colour fading and other problems because the materials they were made from weren’t as advanced as the ones used in modern cars. Also, the painting would have been done once assembly was complete, meaning many internal parts were not protected.

Classic cars, motorcycles and larger vehicles are all at risk of rusting and need to be stored under the right conditions to avoid it. If you live in a warm, dry climate, you are in luck, as storing your vehicle should be much easier. Everybody else will need to create the right conditions for their car storage, including removing moisture from the air and keeping stable temperatures. You can achieve this with de-humidifiers and good ventilation, or opt for special air chambers if you want to ensure the conditions are spot on.

Air chambers come in two different types; soft bubble designs that are inflated once the vehicle is driven in, and rigid framed ones. Both types are designed to maintain stable temperatures, defending the car from condensation or damp. They also typically feature air filters that will remove abrasive particulate materials from the air so there is no chance of these damaging the vehicle.

Both types can quickly turn an existing space into the perfect setting for storing a classic vehicle or other temperature sensitive items. They can be used inside garages, barns and many other places and are generally very simple to set up.

When you choose an air chamber you should check the operating costs and make sure they offer the best value for money. At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage we can supply both types and cater for all kinds of different car storage requirements. Our inflatable chambers cost less than £10 a year to run. Both the rigid and bubble chambers are available in various sizes to suit different kinds of vehicle.