Protecting your car while camping

When it comes to camping, there are plenty of different things that require attention. Firstly you need to decide what equipment you need and how you will transport everything. Second you have to decide what activities to do. The majority of people will fail to consider a very important thing though; how they will look after their car. This oversight could cause big problems in the future.

So what does your car require protection from? Some of the most common external factors when parked on a campsite are:

The Sun’s UV rays – One known fact is UV rays do not bode well for various materials, including paint, rubber, leather and plastic.
The sea – If you ever find yourself camping by the sea, you must take into consideration the salty sea air. As much as it is revitalising, it is not so good for your car’s paintwork.
The wind – When there is a strong wind it can carry dust, leaves and other debris that can scratch your car.
Trees – Parking near a tree may provide shelter but there are issues to be aware of. Sap and pollen can be difficult to clean, potentially damaging the paintwork. Pine trees also shed needles that can block vents. There is even a risk of falling branches.

Car owners understand that this is a lot to protect your vehicle from, but with car covers this is made effortless. When choosing a car cover for your camping trip, take the following into account:

– It is UV and water resistant; certifying that the worry of UV rays and rainfall causing damage is eliminated.
– It is uncomplicated to fit; as you will already have to worry about erecting camping equipment.
– Additionally, ensuring there are straps included for proper adjustment is vital as it prevents the cover moving in the wind. It should fit snug so it can keep dirt out efficiently.
– Some car covers even have a soft inside; be sure to opt for this if available.

Rudler Car Transportation and Storage provides only the best types of car covers. Our products are designed especially for bespoke vehicles and we also offer market leading designs from celebrated manufacturers. Rest assured these covers won’t let you down on your next camping trip.

If you require any advice before selecting a cover, please contact us today.