Providing perfect storage conditions away from our facility

We pride ourselves on offering the most effective, prestigious and well maintained car storage facility in the UK today. However, we understand that there are many people out there who want to keep their investment car stored safely, but may find it too inconvenient to keep it at our Wiltshire premises due to distance or lack of time. This is what inspired us to develop car covers and air chambers that can be installed in virtually any car storage facility in the UK.

Both the Cair-o-port and our advanced Air Chamber system have been designed and created to mimic the optimal storage conditions we provide at our facility as closely as possible. Whilst an exact reproduction of our facility would cost many tens of thousands in renovation work, our advanced car covers offer a similar protective effect for a fraction of the cost without the need to alter your structure.

All our car storage options are designed to be user friendly while simultaneously providing the most outstanding protective covering for your car. The frames for both systems are made of strengthened yet lightweight material, with the specially developed encasing materials being straightforward to attach. While the cover itself works to keep your car protected from dirt, dust and damage, the unique three fan system incorporated in each ensures that the underneath of your car is kept dry and condensation free, no matter how the weather conditions may change. In regards of the latter, we hardly need tell investment or classic car owners how important it is to get this protection in order to avoid rust.

We are often asked whether the three fan system makes it all very expensive to use. The answer to this is no. All of the technology incorporated into our air chambers has been designed for optimum energy efficiency. Based on the average cost of energy at the time of writing, running the fans can cost less than £1 a month. Our company was founded to meet the needs classic or investment car owners have for safe, secure and protective storage. While the best results will always come from making use of our facility, our mobile alternative version gives you a very close second.