Recognising the faults with older cars

We excel in car transportation for older models. Because they are vintage, these particular vehicles require extra attention to keep them safe. Our team has plenty of experience doing this. In fact, we have had the pleasure to transport motors nationwide and beyond. Not to mention, we use high quality transporters so we can keep everything in one piece.

Car transportationWhen you own a classic car there is a wonderful sense of keeping hold of a bit of history. They come from a time when things were built to last. The materials were both lustrous and thick. Not to mention, there were only a few interior mechanicals to go wrong. Unfortunately, no car is infallible. There are issues that can manifest that have nothing to do with the transportation. You need to keep your eyes on some of the most common faults you can find with classic cars. By doing this, you can keep them in top condition.

Tyres and brakes

Firstly, we will talk about the tyres and brakes. This is a critical maintenance area, no matter how old your car is. As a result, it is vital to consider the variable changes in brake and tyre design. You must also think about the impact all of this shall have on your motor.

Originally many classic cars had cross-piles. These days, they employ contemporary radial tyres that supply longer wearing and superior grip. But, this additional grip can place more pressure through your wheels to the suspension. Have a look for stress cracks between your wheel mounting holes.


Originally, classic cars were designed with frequent maintenance in mind. Being a classic car owner yourself, this is a fact you will quickly become aware of. It will be something that becomes part of your routine.

Most importantly, it is essential that you don’t neglect lubrication. This is literally one of the greasier jobs. Thus, it can be easy to avoid or forget it entirely. Every model varies in relation to where you need to treat as standard. However, a lack of lubrication shall result in massive consequences. So, you should keep on top of it.


Classic cars are more vulnerable to bodywork corrosion. This is because they lack rust protection if you compare to contemporary vehicles. A multitude of older designs shall find their end through a fully worn frame rather than engine trouble. You need to keep this in mind and should check your car regularly.

As for corrosion due to minor damages, you can mitigate it if you catch it early. As for other kinds, especially if it starts from within the car, they are harder to deter. By getting your car frequently valeted and cleaned professionally, you can stop dirt and damp from creeping into your paintwork and going deeper.

Car transportation without the worry

Rudler Car Transportation and Storage is proud to be the preferred business for covered, secure transportation. We are 100% compliant, and we have drivers that have DCPC training. Not to mention, our transport vehicles come with gross vehicle weights. This means they are never going to be overloaded.

So, if you would like to use our car transportation services, please get in touch. We can handle any kind of requirements, from taking cars to shows to shipping for sales.