Reduced car usage leads to battery failure

We do a great amount of work when it comes to looking after our clients’ vehicles. Part of our job involves us making certain that everything works properly. This includes the battery. To help, we offer a series of battery conditioners. These devices can retain the charge even if you leave the vehicle in storage for a long time.

Batteries lose their charge naturally, even if you don’t install them in a vehicle. Their discharge rate is faster if there are higher temperatures too. The reason for this is that the chemical reaction going on inside the battery speeds up. So, if the temperature is higher, expect the battery to deteriorate faster. The speed can also depend on the battery construction technology.

Electrical systems and alarms

If you do leave the battery in the car, the electric systems will drain it even if your car is off. When you connect a battery to a car, extra electronic loads from your systems are placed on it. Said systems include ECU memories, immobilisers, and alarms. The more equipment your car has, the higher the draw on the power source, leading to a quicker discharge. Luckily, a conditioner can offset this drain. If you require one of our battery conditioners, let us know today.

Short trips

Shorter, more infrequent trips are also going to take more charge away than the alternator can replace. When you start your engine, you use roughly 5% of the battery’s charge. Usually, drives of more than 30 minutes are necessary to recharge this. If you only do short drives, there won’t be a chance for the battery to recharge. Ultimately, it shall fail. Plus, if the charge level falls below 80% and you don’t recharge, it can cause permanent damage.

Deeper drainage

Battery conditionersSomething else to note is that, over time, the battery shall drain more deeply. This will lead to failure thanks to internal damage. One issue to think about is sulphation. If you leave it under 12.40 volts, lead sulphate crystals start growing and hardening within the battery. This stops the chemical reaction producing electrical energy.

The interior damage can also include acid stratification. The batteries have an electrolyte solution made of water and acid. To function properly, you need to evenly mix this when your battery is in normal use. But, if you don’t use the car as often it can allow the acid to become considerably stronger at the bottom of the battery. It can result in you not having enough current to start the engine.

Start using our battery conditioners today

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we have numerous products on offer. They include the CTEK MXS 3.8, XS 0.8 and MXS 5.0. Anyone who has concerns that their battery might not last in storage should consider purchasing one. Plus, you can use them at home if you are driving less than normal.

So, if you would like to use these high quality battery conditioners, feel free to contact us. We can suggest the right model for your needs.