Replace your air filters regularly

If you are looking for the perfect tool to use when storing your car, our air chambers are just what you need. We supply the cair-o-port system, an installation with a lightweight steel frame and electric fans. It may be the most efficient storage solution you have ever seen. You can use one in our facility for extra protection or try one at home to make any garage or outbuilding a safer place to store your car.

When planning to store your car in a chamber, there are a number of areas you will want to examine first. The air filter is one of them. This might not appear to be a significant component that you will need to frequently inspect and change. However, they are critical to preserving your car’s performance. The filter stops compact particles from getting into your engine and possibly causing costly damage. So, right away you can see how important they are. You should know that there are other benefits as well, ones we will be discussing here.

Fuel efficiency and performance

Air chambersFirstly, you can improve your fuel economy. An old, dirty air filter will restrict how much air can flow into your engine. As a result, it will work harder and use more fuel. Keep in mind that your engine requires over 10,000 litres of oxygen to burn each litre of fuel. So, you should ensure the air intake system is clean and clear, including the filter, so there are no restrictions.

This will also simultaneously improve the performance of your vehicle. The engine will work smoother and deliver more consistent power. Depending on the make and model, it can go as far as improving acceleration.


Another advantage to cleaning the filters is it will reduce emissions. As we said, a dirty filter will limit the air flow into your engine. This changes a car’s air-fuel balance. The imbalance is able to pollute your spark plugs, leading the engine to rough idle or miss. There can also be an increase in engine deposits. Expect to see the ‘Service Engine’ light turn on too. Most significantly, the imbalance directly impacts the car’s exhaust emissions, which pollute the surrounding environment.

A longer engine life

Finally, doing a bit of cleaning is going to extend your engine’s life. Particles as compact as salt grains can make their way through a broken air filter. They can do significant harm to interior engine parts, including the cylinders and pistons. These can cost a lot of money to repair.

For the above reason, replacing your air filter is vital. Clean filters capture debris and dirt, removing it from the air. They stop it from getting to the combustion chamber and leaving you with a huge bill.

Get the best car protection with our air chambers

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we can offer solutions to keep your cars free of condensation. This can prevent a whole range of issues. Plus, they can tackle dirt and other things that could cause damage.

What you have with air chambers is the perfect protection for classic, vintage, and modern vehicles. So, if you want to try one, please get in touch.