Safe transportation during the pandemic

Everyone wants their vehicle to be safe when they are moving it. For vintage models however, it is even more important that they stay in top condition. Such vehicles tend to be valuable, both in monetary and sentimental ways. That is why our business provides the finest car transportation services available in the UK.

Many people have wondered whether they can transport their cars during the pandemic. If you are one of them, we have a little guide to help you get your answers. In addition, you will know what steps to take next.

It is safe as long as you are careful

Car transportationTo put it simply, it is actually safe to use car transportation while the pandemic is ongoing. What you need to do is follow several precautions. You will be fine if you do that.

It will take some time for the pandemic to go away. This is something that many experts agree on. Therefore, we have to alter our lives appropriately. We also need to move around the virus safely. This is precisely what you will have to do whilst shipping your car. You are going to follow safety precautions that have been proven to reduce the chance of infection. This should be more than sufficient to move your vehicle.

Handing over the vehicle

Now, we are going to get into the specifics of how to hand over your vehicle during this pandemic. The virus gets passed on when you interact with someone that has it. We can’t always know who is and isn’t a carrier without temperature and lab tests. It is best to keep yourself safe and away from other individuals.

When you hand over your vehicle, you must keep your mouth and nose covered. Do this while you are in close contact with someone else and in public. Use a mask with at least 3ply of fabric, similar to the ones surgeons use. Keep a distance of six feet from the transportation carrier too so that you are both safe. If you can, put on disposable gloves so that you don’t touch any surfaces that could have the virus on them. This includes the document sheets and even any pens you use.

When you receive the vehicle

After receiving your vehicle, follow the precautions we talked about earlier for car shipping. On top of this, you need to disinfect your motor. Use a wiping cloth and disinfectant spray for this. Wear gloves and a mask while doing it as well. This way you can ensure there is no trace of the virus on any surface in the vehicle.

We are the car transportation experts

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we have been assisting clients with their vehicles for many years. We know which transporters to use, and we see to it that they are never overloaded. In addition, we have drivers that have DCPC training.

So, if you require first class car transportation services, please give us a call. We can arrange a solution for any situation, including overseas shipping.