Seal off engine openings and keep returning to the car

Air chambersWe have been using air chambers to aid in the vehicle storage process for years. They are not new, but the technology in the ones we use is. As a result they can provide the safest conditions for vehicles. When you do business with us you can expect your vehicle to remain safe and sound the whole time it is here. This is especially important when we work with vintage models.

Storing your car within a climate-controlled, contained self storage chamber is critical. The climate controls will filter the air and ensure there is no moisture. Therefore it will prevent issues like rust. The chamber will also ensure the vehicle is far less likely to be hit by another car. During the storage process, there are several other things you will need to do to keep everything in prime condition though.

Engine openings

One of the most important things to do is seal off the engine openings with the aid of an absorbent cloth. This shall suck up the moisture to safeguard your engine. In addition, it shall keep mice and bugs from getting inside. Make use of cotton cloth to deal with additional openings in the exhaust pipe.

Ensure that you write this step down on a maintenance check list. This way, you will remember to pull the cotton cloths out when you get the car ready to leave storage.

A monthly visit

It is also essential to come back to the car once a month at minimum. Start the engine and allow it to run for several minutes, remembering to remove the cloths we talked about above first. Ensure there is sufficient ventilation while you have the engine running; the last thing you want is for harmful gas to build up inside. If possible, take the car out for a small drive in order to get the components moving.

Talk to us about air chambers

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we take pride in being able to use the most sophisticated storage systems. Our air chambers will ensure that your vehicle stays in top condition while it is with us. In addition, the running costs for the chambers are low, resulting in a cost effective solution.

If you would like to use a chamber for your own property, please let us know. You can choose to use them while your car is with us or order one for use at home.