Semi-tailored car covers are the way to go

We are a business that excels in the transportation and storage of cars. Our team handles vintage and classic models as well as high value modern sports cars. Our focus is on offering the most reliable service every time. To achieve this, we use the very best vehicle transports and storage facilities. In addition, we supply top quality car covers for that bit of extra protection.

Here in the UK, it is preferable to use a decent fitting semi-tailored car cover. This is one that will fit a particular shape and length of vehicle. It is not a one size fits all design or a completely bespoke one for a single vehicle. As a result it can overcome the potential drawbacks with each of these.

Oversize covers

Chances are that the one size covers will be overly baggy. Therefore, they are probably not going to fit well and shall move about too much. If there is excessive flapping when it is windy, this can wear the cover and damage the vehicle. Covers of this nature may seem like they are offering value for money because you can use them on different cars. However, they often cost more than a high quality model in the long run. If they do damage your car the cost will be even higher.

Fully fitted covers

As for fully fitted covers, these are going to be well made and will look like good additions. Yet, they may sit far too close to the car’s body. This may restrict the material’s breathability. They are most suitable for those climates you find in California, Spain, or France. In our country though, it is a different story. Regardless of how well they fit, moisture is going to get under the cover here. If the cover is too tight, it won’t be able to dry easily. This can damage the paintwork and metal parts.

Now that you know all of this, you can see why a well-fitting, breathable semi-tailored cover is the way forward. It will give you superior air circulation too so you won’t have to rely on the sun.

Talk to us about car covers

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we have covers that are both semi-tailored and fully bespoke. These include our Supertex, custom fit, and Moltex-5 designs. We can help you to choose the right one for your vehicle and requirements.

If you believe that any one of these car covers can aid you, please get in touch with us. We can dispatch products quickly when you place an order. You can even choose to use a cover if you want to store a vehicle with us.