Should I choose an air chamber or dehumidifier?

One of the biggest challenges faced by owners of classic and vintage cars face is how to ensure their vehicle is kept in optimal condition while parked or stored. Most owners know keeping a valuable vehicle in a garage is not enough to completely protect it; additional measures must be taken to ensure that the garage is ideal for this purpose.

The nature of the air which flows through the garage is one of the most important factors to think about, as it will have an unavoidable effect on the vehicle. Luckily, air quality can be controlled with equipment such as air chambers and dehumidifiers. While both systems have merits, we believe air chambers offer the best possible results for your vehicle.

A car air chamber circulates air in a natural way that prohibits moisture and other damaging qualities from affecting your car. By drawing in the air and draining the moisture from it, a dehumidifier does not in itself prevent moisture filled air from coming into contact with your car first. There is also always the risk with a dehumidifier that the air is made too dry, causing the features and finish of your car to become brittle and damaged.

At first glance, it may seem unnecessary to put a complete cover in the form of an air chamber around a car which is already inside a garage, especially when a dehumidifier unit takes up less space. However, for many car owners with irreplaceable and valuable vehicles, no measures are ever too much to ensure that their car is completely protected and safe from potential damage. The air chamber is a highly appreciated extra measure which will not only protect against accidental knocks and scratches, but also make sure the air quality around your car is absolutely perfect.

While a dehumidifier does a lot of good in helping protect a car in storage, it should really only be seen as a short term approach. For long term protection that will preserve your car in pristine condition, air chambers have time and again proven to be the ideal solution. Alongside our air chambers, we can offer a range of other equipment and storage services to help keep every part of your vehicle in perfect condition, from fabric car covers to battery conditioners.