Special storage considerations for vintage models

Vintage cars can be rather delicate and so, you need assurances that they will be well looked after when stored. Since our respect for these old models matches that of our clients, we understand more than anyone how much they mean to them. To this end, we take every precaution to ensure that no damage comes to the car during its time with us.

The last thing one should do with vintage cars is leave them outside during the winter. This leaves them exposed to all of the bad weather and low temperatures. Something else that must not be done is use a car cover when the vehicle is wet, as they can trap moisture and result in corrosion.

Owners and professional car storing specialists should both assess the storage situation and take the necessary measures to protect the cars. Every situation shall be different and as such, will require specific steps to be undertaken. In terms of heated storage, petrol tanks should be full of premium fuel that lacks any ethanol. This substance is infamous for damaging both rubber parts and gaskets in the fuel works. In addition, to minimise moisture build up, the tank should be filled before storing.

If your car is going to be stored over a long period, it’s recommended that a small amount of transmitter fluid or engine oil be poured down the carburettor as to fully lubricate your valve train. This will help prevent the valves from sticking once the engine has started. To get moisture out of the operating components, the engine should be started once a month and the car should be moved back and forth to exercise the breaks and clutch to stop them sticking too.

One thing to keep in mind with any vehicle, whether it is modern or vintage, is that the battery can be drained over time when it is not used. This happens faster with newer cars due to the multitude of electronics but it will still happen with older vehicles. Luckily battery conditioners can be used to preserve them.

At Rudler Car Transportation & Storage, we will do everything in our power to make certain that your classic vehicle returns to you in top condition. We have purpose built storage facilities and can make use of various products including battery conditioners, covers and air chambers to enhance protection even further.

We already have many satisfied customers from around the world and the number keeps on growing. If you need a place to store your vintage car, we are the company to call.