Stay away from 100% waterproof and hygroscopic covers

You tend to learn a few things after spending a large portion of your life storing cars. One lesson we’ve learned is that car covers offer some of the best protection possible. From our Soft Indoor type to the Moltex-5 Outdoor, we have plenty of quality options for you to choose from.

If you intend to cover your car anytime soon, we have some general advice that will help you decide which cover you should purchase. There are two specific things you must avoid whilst covering your vehicle.


Firstly you should never use a substance that’s 100% waterproof. These are the kind that don’t breath, and include plastic sheet and old tarpaulin. The last thing you want is moisture trapped under the material as it will sit and can cause a huge amount of damage. Whether it is your car sweating, condensing, or damp, it can lead to mould, micro blistering, and also watermarks. In the end, your car will probably look worse than it would without a cover.

Hygroscopic covers

If you’re storing your car outside or inside, you’d be best off with a non-hygroscopic cover. Cotton is a prime example of a hygroscopic material. Despite the fact that we’ve used cotton covers for years, they’re not suitable in certain climates. Because of the way producers weave it, the material doesn’t prevent dust from passing through. Thanks to its hygroscopic properties, it’ll soak up and hold the moisture against the vehicle.

As long as you follow this advice, you shouldn’t experience too many issues.

At Rudler Car Transportation & Storage, each of our car covers comes with their own unique attributes. The Supertex Indoor for instance is phenomenally breathable and is an excellent choice for guarding against scratches. The Moltex-5 Outdoor possesses an internal fleece lining that protects your car in every weather condition.

If our products interest you and you’d like more information, you’re welcome to contact us.