Storage for classic cars differs from normal storage

For years, we have given our clients first rate car storage services. They are a worthwhile investment that will give your vehicles maximum protection. We are very experienced in handling classic cars in particular. Since we live on site, we can also accept deliveries at any reasonable hour.

Storing classic vehicles is quite a bit different to what you get with new models. There are lots of factors here to consider to ensure that the car will be safe in storage.

A different kind of value

Car storageWith these kinds of cars, people tend to have an emotional attachment to them. The reason why is that they often mirror something about the owner. For instance, it might bring up one of your best childhood memories. On the other hand, it could simply have been a dream car that you finally own. The sentimental value means you need to go the extra mile to protect the vehicle. Standard storage may not be enough.

Some people have even gone to extra lengths to get the car of their dreams. They may have put years into restoring it. This is a big investment and one you won’t want to compromise with bad storage. As a business that delivers safe, secure solutions, we understand this completely.

Monetary value

Although it is not always the case, many classic vehicles are rare. This rareness can be reflected in their monetary value. Generally the rarer the vehicle, the more valuable it will be. With some vehicles it can also be very difficult to find spare parts, especially original ones. As a result extra protection is necessary. Again that is why leaving a vehicle on the drive at your home or in a garage may not be enough.

Thinking about the age

The most important thing to remember with classic vehicles is they were built at a different time. As a result the paint and parts may be more prone to damage. For example, paint on modern cars is durable so it can withstand rain and sun for long periods. Older paint may not be as strong.

You have to factor this into your thoughts when you choose storage. It may mean you need something extra like an air chamber or climate controls to make sure humidity does not become a problem.

We have plenty of space for car storage

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we give clients multiple options to choose from. They can suit any budget and various needs. Our facility is big enough to store over 150 cars at once too. In other words, we are not short on space.

So, if you would like to know more about our car storage service, you are welcome to contact us. We can also arrange transportation if you need services to get your vehicle to us.