Store your car effectively at home

Storing your car is the perfect way to keep it safe and protected. But at the same time, some people want to have their beloved vehicle by their side rather than out of the way. This way you can still admire and use it when you want to. For those people, have you had a look at our air chambers?

Why Choose An Air Chamber?

It is the most cost effective method for your storing your car as an alternative to a proper facility. They offer a perfect solution for those wanting to keep their car safe and with them at the same time. You can turn a space into a safe haven for your car with our products.

Car storage allows your vehicle to stay safe. There are a range of storage options available to you other than in a facility. Whether it’s not ideal due to distance or if you just want to keep your car by your side, we can help you. You can set up an air chamber in various locations, including in a garage or an outbuilding or barn.

The fans in the chambers work in unison to keep your vehicle dry. Each chamber has a lightweight frame, making it easy to assemble while ensuring it is durable. Accessing your car is simple too. Zips provide access while the high quality materials provide protection from the environment. You can carry out some minor maintenance while inside.

Our Services

We pride ourselves on the fact that we offer a range of storage solutions to suit everyone’s individual needs. When you want peace of mind that you’re vehicle is safe, come to us.

Contact Rudler Car Transportation & Storage to find the people you can depend on. We’d be happy to give you more information on our air chambers or any of the other services we offer. There are options to suit various kinds of vehicle and we can provide outstanding value for money too.