Store your vehicle safely with these tips

No matter if you plan on storing your vehicle for a few days or a several months, it is necessary to do it properly; otherwise it could affect the condition. Tyres, paint and internal parts can all be effected and suffer possible serious damage if you haven’t followed enough precautions. So, here are some tips to help prepare your car properly.

Firstly, establishing where your vehicle will be stored will aid in the following steps. There are many options for storing it safely, with possibilities including specialised storage facilities, your garage, or with a friend or family member. Of course, if you already have the garage option then you are one step ahead; it’s a perfect way to protect it from the elements. However, here at Rudler have the options for you to store it in our specialised facility, with a choice of high quality air chambers or Cair-o-port to cover your vehicle.

Cleaning your car thoroughly is vital prior to storage. After-all just as small amount of dirt like salt, water drops, sand and bird droppings can cause long term damage to paintwork. Taking extra time to dry and wax your vehicle will make all the difference too, along with vacuuming the interior. Both will ensure no wildlife is attracted.

The following will require some preparation: tyres, oil, filter, coolant, tank and battery. Your car’s tyres will require inflating to maximum pressure, or if possible jack your vehicle. Additionally, changing the oil and ensuring it is as clean as possible will prevent any damage to your engine. The same applies for the air filter. Lastly, fill up the coolant, fuel tank and remove the battery.

Rudler Car Transportation and Storage also recommend you invest in air chambers. They can really help protect it from the typical elements such as moisture and dust. Therefore its advanced controlled environment means that it is ideal for both long and short term use. Not to forget to mention, using an chamber can also mean less maintenance is required whilst the vehicle is inside.

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