Tackle the moisture by using an air chamber

There are many things you can do to protect your car, including using air chambers. The principle of a chamber is nothing new. However, our Cair o-port design is a different story. It is made using contemporary materials and has a lightweight steel frame. In addition, it includes three electric fans. All of these qualities come together to create the ideal system.

Moisture could be killing your car right now without you even knowing it. This is unless you store it safely inside a setting with environmental controls.

There is nothing out there that is a greater threat to your car than corrosion. This can happen because of constant condensation and hidden moisture. For this reason, serious collectors make use of the air chamber to halt long term harm to their vehicles. Simple to use, economical to run, and easy to erect, they are perfect for anyone. The fans force a large quantity of clean, filtered air across all the surfaces of your car. They evaporate moisture and eradicate condensation.

The chamber’s other benefits

Through the fan units, air can enter the chamber. Any stale air leaves through the ventilation. It is the same for excessive moisture. In addition to condensation, this helps against harmful mould and mildew. The chambers provide a level of physical protection too. It can even keep the kids at bay.

air chambersAside from cars, people use air chambers to store a wide array of other goods too. This includes clothing, documents, and furniture. Others would be gardening and computing equipment, antiques and electrical goods. You can do all sorts with a single chamber.

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we always recommend our air chambers to customers. Once they are set up, they stay in place ready for your return. It is possible to remove the filters easily for cleaning. Moreover, you can access the vehicle for minor maintenance.

If you want to protect your vehicle, please contact us. We can provide the perfect solutions, whether you want to keep the car at home or prefer to send it to our purpose-built facility.