The advantages of choosing a dedicated facility

There are many reasons why people choose to leave their car in storage for a long period of time. It could be that you’re taking an extended holiday and want to ensure your vehicle is safe while you are gone. Alternatively, you might have a convertible that is only used during the summer. You could even have a rare classic car that is only driven on very special occasions. Whatever the situation, it is important to choose the right storage option and ensure the vehicle is properly prepared to be stored.

There are a number of factors to keep in mind when it comes to vehicle storage. The weather, moisture, temperature and even the quality of the air will all have an impact on the condition of the car. It is also important to consider the type of surface the car will be parked on. Soft ground will allow it to settle and can cause wear and tear to tyres and suspension, so cars should be stored on flat, stable surfaces.

It is generally better to opt for a dedicated storage provider than leave a car in a garage, barn or under a car port. Each of these options will offer some protection, but they may not provide the optimum level of protection, especially if the car is to sit for a long period of time. A completely enclosed, dehumidified facility with solid floors is a great choice, and that’s what we can offer you with our purpose built buildings.

We are committed to outstanding car storage, giving our clients confidence that their treasured vehicle is in good hands. We can provide covers for all kinds of vehicle, and if the car in question is particularly delicate, we can even offer air chambers. These chambers have filters so all moisture and contaminants are removed from the air and no harmful materials come into contact with your vehicle, so you can be sure it will remain pristine even during long term storage.

When you choose our storage solutions, you can ensure your vehicle is safe for as long as you need to store it. If you have any questions or would like a recommendation for your car please contact us. We will be happy to discuss our services and help you choose the right one.