The age of air chamber storage and car bubbles

Initially, we were a company that only did small deliveries in the local area. Since then, we have grown into a car transportation and storage expert. Our reputation is built on being able to move and store vehicles safely. One range of tools we use to help with the latter is air chamber solutions. They are some of the most effective systems for offering the best environment for storing vehicles.

Dealing with aging cars

Air chambersVintage cars aren’t getting any younger. As they age, they are at risk of wear and tear that could devalue them. This could affect the paintwork in particular. Many people will work to prevent this kind of issue by using standard car covers. However, if you use a poor quality one or use them incorrectly, it can cause harm and micro scratches. With some older vehicles, even a small scratch could expose the metal and allow corrosion to begin.

Luckily, there are lots of great products you can trust. This includes softer covers. However, if you want to really preserve the vehicle, you may want to look at car bubbles and air chambers. They are a wonderful investment, especially for rare, vintage car owners.

The difference between chambers and bubbles

These two types of products have some similarities that can make it difficult to differentiate them. For example, both create a cushion of air around the car. This can be a better option than pulling a cover on and off. However, there are some key differences to keep in mind.

Air chambers in particular can offer an advantage over car bubbles. The chamber offers zero-touch protection. Thanks to the rigid frame, no material touches the vehicle at all. This is true even if you need to unzip the chamber to step inside. The degree of protection this offers is outstanding. It means they can effectively protect paintwork from all kinds of scratches.

What about car bubbles?

You normally inflate these after you place them over the motor. It means in most cases the material will touch the vehicle until they are fully inflated. The same will happen when you deflate to take the car back out. While it is a small risk, there is a chance that this could cause scratching.

An air chamber is a great option if you want a fast set up and paint-safe, zero touch storage. Here you erect the chamber and then simply drive the vehicle carefully in, just like you would when pulling in to a garage. You can even use them in your garage at home if you have issues with damp, low temperatures, pests, or people coming and going.

We are top air chamber providers

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we are proud to be top providers of the cair-o-port products. They have three filtered fans that make certain that everything stays dry and condensation-free. The external frame is both lightweight and strong as well. In addition, the chamber has an incredibly attractive price tag that makes it popular among drivers.

So, if you are thinking of using an air chamber for your own car, please let us know. We can advise you about everything from how to set up to operating costs.