The problems with rodents and cars

We have been working hard for many years to supply our clients with top notch car storage solutions. Based on one site, our facilities are easy to travel to and feature the finest security money can buy. We keep every vehicle inside and can also use extra measures such as air chambers and bespoke covers. In short, we provide the ultimate protection for vehicles.

One of the reasons why people choose professional car storage is to keep their vehicle away from rodents. If you are wondering if these critters can ruin it, the short answer is yes. The likes of mice, rats, and squirrels can cause a lot of damage. They chew wires, plastic panels, hoses, and other components. They can also make nests in your car and make a huge mess of everything.

Signs to look out for

Car storageThere are several signs as well that may be telling you that you have rodents living in your car. Rodent’s aren’t the cleanest creatures since they don’t clean up after themselves. If you believe there are pests like rats or mice residing in your vehicle, you must look for evidence. This can include weird sounds, bad odours, and droppings. One common noise you can hear is your heater fan making a vibrating or rumbling noise. This happens due to mice building their nests in dark warm areas. The heater blower motor fits these requirements.

The heat blower could offer comfy living conditions for rodents. However, there is also a little surprise that comes with them. As the operator gets inside the car and turns the fan on, the ride starts for these creatures. Some will make it out before things get out of hand and others won’t. If they don’t, it will get a bit messy.

Where do the nesting materials come from?

Something else you might be wondering is how do rodents get the materials for their nests in the first place. They typically come from the garage or the car itself. Examples include interior upholstery, carpet insulation, and bonnet liner insulation.

Think about food

Another thing mice like to do is bring in snacks like bird seed and acorns. Remember that rodents have unrestricted access to your car. Therefore, it is essential that you keep it clean. Don’t leave behind any snacks for them or you are asking for trouble.

Start using our car storage solutions today

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we have numerous storage solutions to choose from. They can suit any budget as well. Our capacity allows us to store over 150 cars at once. Additionally, there is a workshop onsite that lets us valet and maintain cars.

So, if you would like to use our car storage services, feel free to contact us. We offer solutions for any need, including short and long term.