The reasons why you need to maintain your bulbs

We have excelled in providing climate controlled car storage for vintage and classic cars for several years. It is our mission to ensure your vehicles receive the highest level of care and attention while they are with us. Our facility has constant surveillance and access control. Furthermore, we have one of the most reliable alarm systems available. As a result, you can be confident every vehicle will not be at risk of theft or damage.

Before putting your car into storage, you need to perform some maintenance. This is critical to keep everything in order. By doing the necessary work, you will spare your motor some major trouble down the line. The type of maintenance we want to focus on specifically in this post is bulb replacement. Many people don’t consider their lights but they really should.

How many bulbs are in a car?

Car storageIf you are wondering how many different bulbs there are in a car, there are more than some Christmas trees. This includes ones for rear mirrors, turn signals, and fog lights. There are bulbs everywhere you go. They shall all last for different amounts of time. Therefore, you need to regularly inspect your motor to ensure there aren’t issues with critical front or rear lights. Please let us know if you need our car storage services.

With regards to how many cars are currently on the road with burned out external bulbs, there are more than you think. One of every three motors will have at least one light out. Since there are so many lights on cars today, this is inevitable. It is not hard to assume that an individual not utilising their turn signal is a terrible driver. However, there is a good chance the bulb is broken and the driver does not know it. Don’t lose your cool if other drivers begin blinking their lights or honking at you for no apparent reason; they could be attempting to tell you there is a problem with your lights.

Detecting burned out signals

In order to detect a broken turn signal bulb yourself, look to see if yours blinks faster. Alternatively, the signal may not blink at all. These shall be warnings from your vehicle that you have lost a bulb. Not every motor comes with these burn-out indicators though. This is why it is essential for you to perform inspections and maintenance on your car.

Why replace the bulbs?

There are several advantages to bulb replacement too. Firstly it ensures that your vehicle is in good order when you take it out of storage. The last thing you want to do is drive it away only to risk getting in trouble for having a light out.

Working bulbs will also ensure you have more light. With headlights specifically, you will have better vision when you are on those long, dark roads. That improves safety.

Working brake and turn signals are vital as well. They lower the chances of you having a collision as other drivers will be able to anticipate your moves. This is really important when you are driving a valuable classic or vintage car.

We have multiple car storage options and a large capacity

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we have numerous storage options available. In addition, we have the capacity for more than 150 cars. Plus, there is a workshop on site for valeting and maintenance purposes.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure ours is the best car storage service on the market. So, if you would like to use it yourself, contact us today.