The safest hands for your vintage cars

Since starting in 1986 as a delivery service, we have grown into a specialist car transportation and storage provider. With vehicle transporters that have been specially made to our requirements and a site with space for over 150 cars, we have quickly become a very respected establishment.

We are able to deal with the movement of one to three vehicles at any time due to the use of covered transporters and open or covered trailers. Rest assured that we take every precaution when transporting your vehicle to ensure that there are no incidents.

Based in rural Wiltshire, our storage site offers easy accessibility for our clients. Our location allows excellent access by road along the M4 but rail and airport options are also possible in the region. The site is closely monitored with state of the art security systems and all vehicles are kept inside our specially designed buildings so they are completely protected from the weather.

If you are concerned about long term storage issues such as damaged paint work or condensation, then our air chambers are the solution for you. A chamber eliminates rapid temperature changes and our energy efficient fans produce clean air to keep the vehicle dry.

Another protection method we offer is our car covers. Made of different materials, our selection of products offers varying levels of protection for your vehicle. They can be made to measure to suit the dimensions of the car, ensuring effective coverage.

In addition we also supply battery conditioners. Our CTEK XS 0.8 constantly monitors the voltage of batteries. Once the voltage drops to below 95% efficiency it pulses to recharge. The monitoring avoids over charging and keeps the battery healthy. We have additional conditioners in stock too and all of them can be sent to you via post. They can also be used on the vehicles we store on site.

Whether you are a private collector, a car dealer or represent a museum, our service is guaranteed to meet your standards, and ensure that your vehicle stays safe and secure.