The things that will kill your car battery

While a car battery is small, it is very important. This is the thing that starts your car and stores electricity from the alternator. A drop in voltage as small as 20% can prevent it from working. A jumpstart is an option but you don’t want to do this regularly. However, products like battery conditioners can help.

A number of different things can cause car batteries to die. We look at some of the most common ones below.

An old battery

Just like the batteries you use in smaller electronic devices, the one in your car won’t last forever. A lot of them live for 3-5 years. Over time they will naturally start to lose charge and may not hold it as well. However, when you use a CTEK charger, you can expect it to last 2-3 times longer than this.

Leaving the headlights on

A lot of modern vehicles have headlights that turn off automatically after a few minutes. However with older cars, including classic models, this is a huge reason for battery death. It often happens because someone didn’t close a door or the boot completely. Headlights use a great deal of power and will drain the battery if the vehicle is motionless for a long time.

Using accessories while the car is off

Listening to the radio in your car can be great but don’t do this while the vehicle isn’t on. The reason for this is that the battery can’t charge when you don’t move. As a result you will drain it and may find it can’t start the car when you want to. Other accessories like phone chargers and media centres will also drain the battery if the car is not on.

A bad alternator

The battery starts your car but it is the alternator’s job to charge it when the vehicle moves. Sadly alternators can fail, meaning the vehicle will then run off the battery’s remaining voltage. This may only last a few miles.

How to protect it

battery conditionersSome causes of battery death are preventable by doing things like turning off lights and carrying out good maintenance. If you want to make sure your battery is strong and healthy, consider a smart charger. They can maintain an optimal charge level and reduce the risk of damage.

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