The trouble with leaving things in your car

Car transportationWhen you need to move vintage or classic cars, you don’t want to rely on any old establishment. What you need is someone with experience and the best options for transport. With over 30 years of experience in this field, our people can meet your needs. We are confident we are the greatest team offering car transportation services the country has.

Do your plans involve you moving somewhere else soon? In addition to selling your house, you will have to concern yourself with shifting all your property to another town or city. Additionally, you must transport your vehicle in some way. The problem here is that people come across some rather nasty surprises during the process. This often comes down to the mistakes that owners make in the first place. One of the biggest ones you need to avoid however is failing to empty your car.

A lack of familiarity

Many individuals aren’t actually familiar with the car moving procedure. These are the ones who think it is a good idea to fill their vehicle up with belongings. This is part of some attempt to make the moving process easier. There are companies that permit 100lbs of personal goods to go in your car. However, they don’t typically accept responsibility for theft. Loose objects are also an issue. They can harm the inside of the vehicle by banging against it. There won’t be any coverage for this either.


There is another problem as well. The Department for Transport may choose to examine your car at some point. From here, they could take hold of your possessions. It is illegal for you to ship cars when you still have household belongings inside. Putting things inside increases a vehicle’s weight too. Our advice would be to ensure that your car is as empty as it possibly could be.

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