The truths about low and high mileage

We specialise in providing clients with first rate storage for their cars. To succeed, we use a series of products to offer the vehicles maximum protection. This includes air chambers that can help create the perfect environment. They are very lightweight and use modern materials to provide the best results.

Many people who wish to store their cars often question whether it is better to drive or not. For personal fulfilment and financial gain, they ask whether it is more advantageous to keep the miles on their vehicle’s clock low. Or, should they drive their vehicle into the horizon and not worry about the consequences? We know that everyone has their own philosophy here. In other words, this debate has no firm answer. However, in this post, we want to go over the disadvantages and benefits of low and high mileage.

Low mileage investment

air chambersIf you speak to a valuation specialist and ask them to tell you the bottom line, they will all likely give you the same answer. As an investment, a low mileage car is definitely going to win in most instances. This should not come as a surprise. After all, higher mileage normally corresponds to more wear and tear. You can’t turn back the clock either.

Talk to the valuation expert more though, and they could provide extra details. If you treat a high mileage car well when it is off the road, it will probably be in better condition. This is if you compare to a car with less miles that has not been stored properly in the long term. So, it is not always cut and dry that fewer miles on the clock means the car is better.

Residual value

Another point we want to discuss is that high mileage has a very different effect on a car’s residual value. This depends on its collectibility though. According to some experts, a vehicle belonging to the ‘always collectible’ category with under 100 miles on the clock can sell for 88% more than the model’s price guide at auction. As for a sub-100 car belonging to the ‘collectible now’ group, they normally auction for 48% over the benchmark. As you can see, the subject isn’t as open and closed as you might believe.

Invest in our air chambers

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we use these chambers to provide customers with climate controlled storage solutions. Thanks to the three fans inside, we can keep every inch of your car free from condensation. Not to mention, they are efficient and cheap to operate.

So, if you would like to use air chambers to protect your car when you leave it with us, feel free to get in touch. We can provide services for as long as you need them and you can have full confidence we will be careful.