There is no reason not to store your car

air chambersWe have been specialising in transporting and storing cars for many years. The Rudler team goes out of its way to protect each vehicle we deal with. As a result we offer a very broad service. This includes supplying air chambers to those who need them. Our options are state of the art and very easy to work with.

Keeping your car in a garage or in storage can be one of the best things you can do for your vehicle. However, a lot of people don’t use their garages much for storing cars anymore. Many choose to use them for different things instead. For example, some use them as workshops. Others simply use them as extra storage. There are many reasons why you should continue to store your car in the garage though.

The elements

One of the most obvious reasons is that the car stays safe from the elements. This includes wind, snow, and rain. All of these are enemies of your vehicle. They can easily leave acid, salt and dirt on it. Both can cause substantial harm to the car’s exterior. For example, they could cause corrosion or harm the paintwork over time.

Scratches and dings

Storage protects your possessions from these too. They can come from other vehicles in addition to the elements and vandalism. Falling tree branches and hail are merely a few examples of things that can damage the car. Broken windows, scratches, and dents are potential external issues that can happen to vehicles you leave outside with no protection.

No vandalism or theft

Another advantage of storage is that you are less likely to struggle with vandalism or theft. This is particularly true when you choose to use our air chambers. Our facilities have some of the best security measures available. Cars cost a huge amount of money. For the majority of individuals, their car will be among their most valuable possessions. When you park outside, you leave the vehicle vulnerable to theft and vandalism. With storage, you can eliminate this threat.


You can expect to enjoy lower insurance costs with storage as well. There are many companies that provide lower policies for those who put their cars in storage. So, it is always advantageous if you want to save yourself some cash.

Consider using air chambers

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we have access to some very reliable products. This includes the Cair-o-port, one of the most efficient storage systems you could ask for. It will keep your vehicle dry and eliminate the threat of condensation. In addition to all the advantages, it is one of the cheapest options you can find.

If you are considering storing your car in the future, especially using air chambers, please consider working with us. We have our own facility and can set everything up for you.