Things you need to know before transporting a car

There are numerous reasons for people requiring a reliable and trustworthy car transportation service. Generally people need help to move classic and modern prestige vehicles. However, as these cars are some people’s pride and joy, it is important you know what the process involves and to ensure the service is a very careful.

One of the main things to take into consideration is the risk, depending on the method of shipment. The options for most transportation are an open or enclosed trailer/lorry. Choosing to transport cars using open methods are typically cheaper, but are at risk of theft, damage and the weather. Open trailers usually use chains to secure the car, whereas enclosed methods used nylon straps. It should be noted that using chains can put strain on the vehicle’s axles, so choose the method wisely.

It’s wise to never base your decision just on price. The old expression ‘quality over quantity’ is especially true regarding car transportation. If the higher price reflects the quality of the equipment used, consider the additional cost a wise investment. Also, make sure that the company can provide insurance documents, otherwise you may find yourself in a bad situation if anything were to go wrong during the transport process.

You must make sure your scheduling needs are known to the company. If your delivery needs to be coinciding with timed events like car shows, then the time frame needs to be emphasised to the company as they may have other jobs to attend to.

Once you have made the decision on what transport company you want to use, you need to prepare your car. One of the preparations is to explain the oddities; this can range from alarms to kill switches. The more information you provide the better, as your car will be easier to ship safely.

When using Rudler’s car transportation and storage services, you can be assured of a safe and reliable service. Our transport vehicles are specifically designed to our specifications, so you know exactly what you’re getting. We have covered or open transporters, and we run them following all legal regulations. When choosing us you can have peace of mind, as each vehicle that comes into our care is fully insured.

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