Think about the humidity

One of the biggest issues many people have to face in the UK is the humidity. At an average of 80%, the relative humidity (RH) is one of the highest in the world. This can cause lots of problems. It is why many industrial businesses need to invest in extra measures to tackle corrosion and other issues relating to how much moisture is in the air. It is also why a lot of classic car owners choose air chambers.

What is the problem?

The thing to keep in mind is that there is a huge amount of moisture in warm air. That can cause a huge number of issues, especially with old vehicles.

Air chambersThe biggest concern is corrosion. Older vehicles tend to have more parts that are raw steel. As a result, a lot of moisture in the air could cause them to corrode much faster than you expect. Corrosion can begin when it is just 40% RH. The rate can accelerate dramatically when it is 60% RH. However, as we said above, the UK average is 80% RH. That can spell disaster for parts.

The humidity will also damage polished surfaces. At first it will make them dull, losing that high sheen that many people love. Eventually they can tarnish and look terrible.

Most vehicles have rubber seals around the doors and windows to prevent water from leaking in when it rains. Unfortunately high humidity can cause them to perish much quicker than they should. As a result you could suffer with leaks that could ruin the interior.

The high humidity can cause many other problems for interiors too. It is especially harmful to leather. Many luxury vehicles have stunning leather seats. Sadly the moisture in the air when it is very humid can cause the material to crack. It can also allow mould growth. This can affect other materials in the car too, including carpets. If there is any wood, it can warp in the warm, moist air.

Using air chambers

The most effective thing to do to tackle fluctuations in humidity is use an air chamber. It can give you the ability to filter the air to remove moisture. As a result you can create an environment that won’t be harmful to the vehicle.

Rudler is proud to offer a great selection of air chambers. We have a lot of experience with them, using models to protect vehicles in our own storage facility. We also know how good they can be to use at home, whether you store a vehicle in a garage, a barn, or other locations.

So, if you have a vehicle you treasure and want to protect it from moisture, contact us.