Think before you cover your car

If you want to keep your vehicles safe while they are in storage, you will need some high quality car covers. As specialists in this field, we have several available to choose from. These include the Supertex indoor, custom fit, and Moltex-5 outdoor designs.

With covers, it is not as simple as throwing them on your vehicle. There are many important considerations for you to make beforehand. Read on to find out more about some of them.


You are not meant to use covers when towing a car. Ignoring this fact can lead to you seriously damaging the cover. In addition, the paintwork can end up in a less than desirable state. In short, we would not recommend using a car cover when there is towing to be done.

Repainted vehicles

Next, we are going to talk about repainted vehicles. Using a car cover on any exterior you painted recently can damage it. The reason for this is that paint must have time to cure properly. If you don’t give it enough time it may ruin the finish. The painter can suggest a decent time wait before you can begin using a cover.

High winds

car coversIt is also vital to think about high wind. Sometimes, people need to use car covers in an area where the winds can get very strong. When doing so, they should use the rope and loops that come with the cover. This shall enable them to pull it tightly under the car’s centre securely. You should do this even if you are using an optional cable and lock.

The thing about these covers is they are not meant to be substitutes for garages. You must examine them for flapping during high winds. Should wind get underneath the cover, it can force it off the vehicle. This would be very dangerous and also risks damaging the paint.

Order car covers from us

At Rudler Car Transportation and Storage, we make certain that clients use the correct car covers. All of our designs have their own characteristics and are useful in different situations. For example, the Moltex-5 can look after your vehicle in all weather conditions. The Supertex comes in Sports and Saloon car shapes for semi tailored fitting. If you need to use any of them, please let us know.