Top tips for storing your car

It’s happened to a lot of us, you leave your car for a long period unused and it requires a service for it to run normally again. It is possible to avoid this if you follow the necessary steps though. So here are some tips on car storage to help you do it properly. Follow them and you can avoid spending money on services.

If you can park indoors go with it. It’s cleaner and safer, and if this isn’t possible it’s advised you invest in a high quality car cover. Rudler can provide you with one suited to your needs; our car covers are of a high standard and do a brilliant job of fighting off any moisture in the air.

When leaving your car, it is important you do not engage the handbrake. Having the handbrake engaged for long periods can result in the brake pads becoming stuck to the drums or discs. Instead we advise you use wheel chocks, keep your vehicle on a flat surface, and leave it in first gear.

It’s wise to clean out the interior prior to storing. Any rubbish left in cars can obviously rot, resulting in possible damage to seat covers, floor mats and even wiring if rodents have been attracted. So make sure you clean your car out thoroughly, and perhaps spray some freshener.

Another problem that can occur with long storage periods is the car’s fuel tank rusting. The best way to avoid this is to fully fill it with good quality fuel. This will prevent moisture from entering the tank, deterring rust.

When storing away for a long time it’s better to remove the battery. You can also smear grease or petroleum jelly on the wire ends and terminals to prevent rusting. Remember to make sure the battery’s fully charged, along with topping up the water level. When storing the battery, make sure it’s in a dry cool place out of direct sunlight.

Cars being stationary for long periods can develop flat tyres. This is avoidable by jacking up the car, or using chocks. Just make sure the vehicle isn’t resting on the wheels.

Alternatively, you can use Rudler’s car storage services. Our dedicated facilities are all based on site of the family home. If you are interested, let it be known we’re situated ideally for clients worldwide. Don’t be hesitant to get your vehicle professionally stored; get in touch today.